About us

STAT’s board members consist of experts with experience in various fields, ranging from large domestic companies to global companies, including consulting, operations, law, investment, and technology development.

We are working together to develop STAT based on their expertise and mutual trust.

STAT will listen to customer’s feedback and develop STAT to challenge to create new values based on a variety of experimental and pioneering minds.

Our field of experiences

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Our team of experts

Juhwan Park
Juhwan ParkCo-CEO
Juhwan has worked as a software engineer for Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, and is a competent developer who has performed programming tasks that require high levels and accuracy.

Since 2017, Juhwan has accumulated related capabilities and experience in the cryptocurrency field by creating algorithms related to cryptocurrency trading through personal projects and making automatic investments.

-AvionX Process and Tools Software Engineer Lead, Boeing Company
-Software Engineer, Boeing Company
-Research Engineer, Hyundai MOBIS

-University of Minnesota, Computer Science

Paul Kim
Paul KimCo-CEO
Paul has long been a leader in blockchain TF and cryptocurrency in the Korean branch of Deloitte, a global consulting firm.

He is the chief operating officer (COO) of Starbeta Korean branch, fosters professional traders, and leads the STAT project based on his experience covering business and trading fields.

-Blockchain TF/Cryptocurrency Lead, Deloitte Korea
-Co-founder, Star Beta Korea

-UCLA, Business/Managerial Economics

Byoungchan Eum
Byoungchan EumStrategy Advisor
Advisor Eum Byung-chan has been in charge of AI strategy and business development at Kakao through global consulting companies Accenture, IBM, Booz & Company, and Monitor Group, and has been in charge of developing and implementing AI strategies with major companies such as Google, Samsung Electronics, and Hyundai Motor.

Since then, he has been the representative of Element AI in Korea and the general manager of Northeast Asia, and has been highlighted as a next-generation leader in the IT field.

-Head of North Asia, Element AI
-Head of Strategy & BD, KaKao Corp
-Manager, Accenture
-Software Architect, IBM
-Advisor, Scale Asia Ventures

-Seoul National University, Engineering

Jisoon Lim
Jisoon LimNFT Tech Advisor
Advisor Lim Ji-soon received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in biomedical engineering from KAIST and has been an engineer at Simens, Germany’s largest engineering company.

Since then, he has built up his career in healthcare-related startups and has been fascinated by “NFT” technology, developing and leading NFT-related projects.

-Head of Tech, HYBE(Bighit)
-Head of Product, Metaps+
-Principal Engineer, BBB
-Senior Engineer, Siemens Healthcare

-KAIST, Biomedical/Medical Engineering

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